Urban Smart and Small

By e.l.

Like a strong declarative sentence, this new kitchen makes a clear design statement.

The homeowners wanted to transform their small sun room into a kitchen. With one wall and an island the architect designed a contemporary kitchen to optimize a vibrant urban view.

A crucial element in the design was installation of a sheet of aluminum attached to the sheet rock behind the single solid wall in the new kitchen. A full-size aluminum refrigerator frames one side, a full-size freezer the other. The sink, dishwasher and cabinets are centered and highlighted with white marble counter tops and back splash. In the configuration a stove top and range reside in the marble wrapped center island with additional brushed aluminum cabinetry. And, the owners have a view while they cook. Six pale yellow globe lights add warmth to the already light filled room. The choice of open touch cabinets and drawers are part of the no frills design.

The architect said the decision to combine marble with contemporary aluminum and warm wood floors is meant to meld new materials with architecture of the 1920s home. (Photos/Gilbertson Photography)